• 怎么樣選擇橋梁護欄
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The outer and middle separation of the bridge is accompanied by necessary girder barriers. The selection of bridge guardrails should consider the elements.
1, the collision proof performance of the bridge guardrail, the selected guardrail method is necessary to be able to use the absorption plan to touch the energy, obstruct the corresponding runaway vehicle from jumping out of the bridge or entering the opposite lane, and make it change the direction of travel correctly.
2, the degree of deformation of the guardrail after being knocked by the maximum dynamic deformation of the guardrail does not exceed the allowable deformation interval.
3, the environment and the scene require:
1 Steel bridge should choose metal beam column bridge guardrail;
The bridge with special requirements for the scene should choose the girder bridge guardrail or the combined bridge guardrail;
3 The area with severe snow is suitable for choosing metal beam column or combined bridge guardrail;
4 In order to reduce the weight of the bridge and reduce the impact of vehicle impact load on the bridge panel, it is appropriate to choose metal beam column guardrail;
5 When the clearance of a Super bridge or bridge across a large area of water is greater than or equal to 10 M, combined or reinforced concrete wall bridge guardrails should be used;
Highway bridges, passages, and clear culverts of grades II and above should be of the same type as the adjacent roadbed guardrails.
4, guardrail's life cycle capital in addition to the initial construction capital of the guardrail, Haiying considers the use of the maintenance capital.